Dave S.

As we began to think about adding a pool, we started talking to friends who had put in pools. All we heard was one pool horror story after another. So as we went through our pool installation, we were waiting for the horror day to occur. Thankfully for us, that day never came. Our pool was put in on-time and on-budget. We did not expect either. We had several pool companies propose on our pool. What turned us to Denali were: 1) Jared’s ideas. He had a vision for the pool and put himself in the homeowners shoes and thought about how it would look from the windows of the house, walking room around the pool, seating areas, umbrellas, sound of the waterfall, etc. Many of these things we had not even thought of or considered, but I am sure glad they were part of the decision. 2) Focus on the trees that we had. Keeping as many as we could, especially the larger ones, having adequate sunshine to warm the water, adequate shade from the sun, and minimal leaves and other debris in pool. Again, most of these things we had not even considered. 3) Willingness for us to see some of his pools and have direct correspondence with the homeowners for a completely open dialogue. 4) Price. Jared’s pricing was not the lowest, but was on the lower end. That list are areas that caused us to choose Denali Pools. As to why I would refer Denali pool without reservation, would be everything I just listed but I would also add that we were very impressed with Denali’s constant forethought of aesthetics. Again, thinking as if they were the homeowner. So where the pool equipment was placed, not only for convenience but also for not taking away from the beauty of the pool. Burying the propane tank so we did not have to constantly see it. Making sure the pool equipment was the right equipment. For example to be able to heat up the hot tub relatively fast. We are completely pleased with our pool and would happily refer others to use Denali Pools.

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